STELLARISSA Bride Collection 2024

Inspired by Romantic love expressed through an idealized moment a reality.
With organic forms evocative of floral beauty,  the collection balanced a tender harmony of volume and fit within an airy palette of textures.

STELLARISSA Bride is a contemporary bridal line by of STELLARISSA.
The signature timeless yet bold designs and curated point-of-view of the bridal experience breathes a new modern perspective that is distinguishable.

STELLARISSA is a modern contemporary eponymous label by Indonesian designer, Stella Rissa.
The collections are attuned to natural silhouettes through its tailored designs. Intrinsic to the label is a juxtaposition of the refined scale yet strong tailoring,
The STELLAR women embodies the strong-willed, independent, and confident.

Designed and created sensibly, every creation articulates the spirit of the Women of Today.