A romantic inspired installation, STELLARISSA narrates a composition of elegance with each draped forms.

Collectively they capture emotion and signify strength; individually they embrace a sophisticated luxe. The series feature the Studio collection for the annual IPMI Trend Show 2018. The quiet yet powerful silhoutte of the collection presents a new level of magniture of her design exploration. Each piece and tailored directly on the mannequin. teh intangible baanced sense of materiality and lightness, softness and shaped form, opacity and transparencies, is the fundamental design philosophy. Each form is suspende in shape by the thread, returning to its original one raw material once removed. Not a single seam nor cut create the silhouettes.

Embodiment of a complex being that is the woman. Tender yet strong, assertive though gentle, expressions of intricacies are captured in everey fold and line. These meticulously made dresses are adorned with strips of leather as accents.
An all black material palette speaks of the timeless magnifique pieces.

Jalan Sawo No 1. , Menteng, Jakarta

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