STELLARISSA Bride Collection 2024

The seventeen pieces feature Stella’s inspiration of organic forms of floral—vulnerable beauty yet a recognizable structure—balanced with a tender harmony of volume and fit.
“From the very conception of this bridal line, and with this collection specifically, my designs are visions for every bride on her special day worth a lifetime of memory.” Stella has shared.

“I wanted to bring to life the romance, beauty, and the process of design by taking my brides through the creative inspiration process in an intimate close-up experience.”

These simple yet meticulous details represent a vision of a subtle grandeur of this collection—a romantic picturesque Bride on her wedding day, a symbolic of the blooming flower.

“I still vividly remember my special day, each and every detail of my story. I want to recreate that elated feeling for every STELLARISSA Bride. I love that I get to translate her unique story and dreams into a bespoke timeless creation”.

Jalan Sawo No 1. , Menteng, Jakarta

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